Step into a dark fantasy world filled with nostalgia, danger and secrets...

There is an old legend that speaks of a long forgotten world on the brink of demise. Of a mysterious old man who appeared at the ends of the world to challenge the might of the demon lords.
This is your tale, and only you, the enigmatic old nomad can bring salvation to this crumbling realm.

Take on the role of the old nomad on a quest to destroy the demon lords and save mankind. Though the nomad may appear frail, he has a mastery over steel and spell-craft that grants him strength against his enemies.

The evil king of the demon lords, Jowziz, has arisen from the depths of the dark castle Hollodorn and all manner of monstrosity has escaped from Hollodorn into the world. You are the worlds last hope against them.

You must go on a perilous journey fraught with danger. Explore vast kingdoms filled with ruins, caverns, ancient castles and even houses of the dead. Converse with the people of the lands and learn the secrets of the mystic relics.

At the end of your journey there will be no peace, for only the vile walls of castle Hollodorn will await you. A dark castle filled with trickery and horror. Do you have what it takes to conquer the evil that awaits you inside?



Uncover a wide array of weapons, spells and mystic relics that augment the Nomad's abilities and change the way you play.

Lose weapon


Beware recklessness for weapon items are lost when damage is taken. If you have no weapon item and you take a hit, you die! No need to despair, explore well and you will uncover plenty of items. You always have your staff and spells to rely on!



Traverse a vast world and uncover the secrets of each kingdom. You must make your way to the castle and destroy the demon lord that resides within! How you reach the castle is up to you.

8-bit showcase


Fight a myriad of enemies in classic 8-bit visuals with a fantastic original soundtrack provided by Darvel.



In a world where things are not always as they seem, you will meet many a strange character. What is useful to know may not always be easy to determine, but sometimes a strange person may be your only hope.

River Dragon


They are strong and they are many. The demon lords and their close associates will prove to be some of the toughest encounters on your journey. Do you have what it takes to bring down a demon lord?

An evil stirs in castle Hollodorn...
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